Property investment In the UK is the best investment plan today. Foreigners are now interested in investing in real estate. The UK government has shown a great deal of support for the real estate sector. This has hence increased foreign investment which has played a big role in the economy of the UK.

The government got rid of stump duty when the country was affected by global financial crisis. In 2013 they introduced the elp to buy’ scheme that offered an equity loan of 20 percent of the property. The scheme was also interest free in the first five years provided you could present 5 percent deposit. The country has hence sh

Investment Returns

Properties prices in the UK are practically low. Housing in the UK for investors doubles after every 10 years. This is the best investment plan since you get to buy the property at a low prize and get high revenue returns annually. The rise in investment revenue has been recorded since 1960 which is over 50 years ago. For decades investment revenue has doubled and foreign investors tripled. Only in the period where global financial crisis tool a toll on the real estate sector, overall the returns keep doubling.

In 2012 foreign companies and individuals invested 20 billion Euros in the real estate sector. The investment of foreigners in the real estate sector has the UK economy booming. In places like Manchester investors are buying flats and all chunks of properties. New investors are bound to have high returns in revenue.

Foreign Dominance

According to The Times foreign investors have dominated all over Britain buying chunks of property in London and beyond. The fall in the value of the pound has made property cheaper hence causing investors to triple all over the place. Asian countries like China have invested in the UK due to the support of the UK government in real estate.

China which now has seven different banks in the UK has influenced investment by its citizens and other foreigners. This is a good thing for both investors and the government for the economy is now booming. The Chinese now are investing in UK properties. Foreigners are now showing interest in properties in the UK with over 60 percent inquiry rate recorded.

Online Real Estate

The UK has an online real estate portal for buyers, sellers and agents. Here in these portals the agents list properties to be sold for free. This has changed the market almost completely since agents are only charged for inventory. The online portals charge add-ons and leads. Real estate now has a major boost which is online portals.

Introduction of virtual reality on these portals is a game changer since now people get to view properties online using virtual reality gadgets. The gadgets are well known in gaming companies only which and it was really brilliant to incorporate them in the real estate sector. Virtual reality gadgets have revolutionized real estate in UK since viewing of properties now is done remotely in these online portals.

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